Pastor's Letter

Pastor's Letter

Dear Friends,

As I write this, we are in the midst of another very successful and engaging Totus Tuus camps. Thanks to everyone who has made it great. It has truly been a parish-wide event. As one of the teachers said at our potluck on Wednesday night, “You have something very special in this community.”

On Tuesday night the St. Ludger Parish Council met and we had a very fruitful meeting. We hope that we have set up a good foundation and direction for Fr. Hans to start things off with when he arrives. The whole goal for me these past months has been to cast a vision for Parish Council to be more focused on the mission of the parish rather than its maintenance issues. Our first step was to reestablish the Finance Council, which will primarily be focused on the money and maintenance issues. This board is made up of Jane Wilmes, Mitch Nelson, Dave Condon along with the ex officio roles of the pastor and the business manager, Tara Gragert.

 As you have read in previous bulletins, we took a different route in selecting new members to the Parish Council as recommended by our Parish Council Guidelines. Instead of a vote, we took nominations from the parish. We then discerned who would be the best fit. I am currently in the process of contacting these selections and should have an announcement by next week’s bulletin. Before we selected names we decided to make some other changes to the Guidelines.

1. We wanted to explicit about the role of the Parish Council and its main task so we inserted a line that says the responsibility of the council is to “To create and continuously evaluate and update a strategic plan for the mission of the parish.”

2. We reduced the number of the members on the council as well from 10 to 7. We felt that with 10 members, that seemed a little overkill for the size of our parish and it was often hard for everyone to have time and trust for frank and honest conversation.

The Finance Council has been looking at this year’s profit and loss as well as next year’s budget. They’ve also been coming up with some plans for an update of the Social Hall. So far things look okay, not stellar, just okay. Okay is pretty good when you shoot for a balanced budget and you’re not in it to become a Fortune 500 company. That being said, if we settle for the status quo every year whether it’s our stewardship or plans for mission, then we never really get anywhere and God is calling us to bear more fruit. As good and positive as things have become, we cannot settle. We’ll have some good opportunities in the next months to move forward in being good stewards of the gifts God has given us whether it’s our time, talent, or treasure.

In other news, next week I will have meetings in Omaha on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. This will only effect our Mass schedule for Tuesday. Instead of 8:30am Mass on Tuesday, we’ll have Mass at 5:30 PM.

Fr. Lorig